Friday, December 7, 2007

ISOCRACY-bedtime for isocracy 7" ep

This was released on Lookout records in 1988. Members went on to form and play in bands like Sam I Am, and Green Day. These guys only put out this ep, and a few comp songs. They were part of the East Bay Gilman Street scene. It seemed like there wasn't a weekend night where Isocracy, Operation Ivy, Stikky, Soup, Corrupted Morals, or Sweet Baby Jesus wasn't playing a Gilman show. This is Lookout #5.

Al SOB (green day aka John K)-drums
Jay Sun-vocals

the tracks:
Zimbabwean hell rock
hippie man
Two blocks away
Amilyplympt three
funky brakewire
ten seconds of Anarchy
swisher sweets
sgalf Etaredefnoc

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Northern Jon said...

Thanks alot, Great post

Joko said...

Hey, do you have the lyrics for the ep? Or do you know where I might get them? Please, I need these lyrics.. thanks!