Monday, December 10, 2007

CHRONICAL DIARRHOEA- abstract carnage 7" ep

There is some very Savage Hardcore played on this 1989 release. The twelve song ep came out on Off The Disk records, and was pretty much ignored by the punk community. OTD was an early pioneer of putting out faster-brutal hardcore that many other labels wouldn't touch.
This German band later did a full length LP on Nuclear blast Records. Two great cover songs are played on this, one is a SSD song, the other is a Negative Approach song. Fans of DRI and Napalm Death should have a listen.


the tracklist:
1.Go Slow
2.The Expert
5.Supervising Neighbours
6.Fast Food
8.Glue (orig. SS Decontrol)
10.SAS is True
12.Flower Power

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Friday, December 7, 2007

AFTER THE BOMBS-spoils of war 7" ep

After the Bombs are a Punk/metal crust band from Montreal Canada. Think Bolt Thrower, Discharge, Venom and Nausea mixed together in a blender. This came out on The Total End Records in 2007 and can still be ordered ( What really sets these guys apart from other bands are the female vocals that Janick pulls off. They are somewhat buried, and sound like she's shouting from a cavern in hell.


the tracks:
spoils of war
forward to death

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ISOCRACY-bedtime for isocracy 7" ep

This was released on Lookout records in 1988. Members went on to form and play in bands like Sam I Am, and Green Day. These guys only put out this ep, and a few comp songs. They were part of the East Bay Gilman Street scene. It seemed like there wasn't a weekend night where Isocracy, Operation Ivy, Stikky, Soup, Corrupted Morals, or Sweet Baby Jesus wasn't playing a Gilman show. This is Lookout #5.

Al SOB (green day aka John K)-drums
Jay Sun-vocals

the tracks:
Zimbabwean hell rock
hippie man
Two blocks away
Amilyplympt three
funky brakewire
ten seconds of Anarchy
swisher sweets
sgalf Etaredefnoc

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

ÜÜÏŸ BÅAÎOØHØIØ war madness 7" ep

I'm not sure where this hard to find gem came out of, either Japan or Sweden I'd say by the sound of things. The e.p. sounds blown out in a very good way, and has a d beat crust thing going on. Very limited info on this record, it only includes song titles and "play louder than a bombblast or fuck off!" on the backcover. No lyrics, no address, no year of release, no band member names.

the tracks:
war madness
kill control
system violent
why is?
no bones

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Monday, November 26, 2007

the VERGE -habitualized 7" ep

This record was self released by the band on No crust records in 1983. These guys were one of the earlier of the Albany N.Y. punk/power punk bands, and only released this 7" and a song on a compilation. Reportobly most of these 7"s were destroyed, leaving much less then the initial 500 that were originally pressed. The stuff on this ep has a slight Joy Division influence.

Thomas Rella -guitar and vocals
Thomas Mrray-bass, and vocals
Martin Feirstein-Drums

the tracks:

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

ANTI SOCIAL made in England 7" ep

U.K. punk/Oi from 1982 on the bands own label "Beat the-system records". Some of the Best/most ridiculous names for band members ever on this release. For all Punks, Skins, and Herberts! Not sure how many of these were pressed.


the tracks:
Back street boys
Your choice
New punks
Screw U

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